Recluse Forex trader makes 5-year Breakthrough develops unique system 


The Secret Structure

Every trader should know if they want to trade confidently, accurately 

and be among the Top 5% 

and why the 95% will continue to struggle without it…

Note: This has Nothing to do with


- Stochastic

- MA Cross Over 

- Fibonacci  

- Chart Patterns  

- Candle Patterns

- Harmonic Patterns

- Naked Price Action

- Market Profile

- Volume Profile

- Currency Strength

- Price Levels

- Top-Down Approach

- Support and Resistance

- Supply and Demand

- Breakout Trading   

- Bank Strategy


- Renko

- Order Flow

- Divergence

- Elliott Wave

- Or even Fundamentals News

The Secret Structure will make it easy to   

After going through multiple trading courses and trying different methods, do those methods seem subjective and inconsistent

Have you been left with more questions than answers?

Have you felt that there is something missing when it comes to trading, that you can't quite put your finger on? 

It’s true…

There are 7 pieces that must work together to build the correct trading structure    

As you know the Forex market is different and not what it used to be... choppiness due to low volume, random huge price moves taking out previous day's price action in one candle, erratic trends that have deep pullbacks causing trend fake-outs, and the constant risk-off environments causing uncertainty do to the news. This is causing everyday trading decisions to be difficult and opportunities seem dismal 

Even worse, if you are unaware of how to visually identify the 7 important areas of trading listed above, then it's like navigating the wilderness without a compass and being left unsure and lost about what is going on in the markets

Once you are able to see and confirm the consistent repeatable patterns that occur over and over again because of how the 7 are structured, this will build certainty and certainty will build confidence making trading simpler.

you see,

I struggled spinning my wheels and course jumping for 5 years until I found how critically important it was to not only recognize these 7 market frameworks, but how to use them together. Each course I went through led me closer and closer to those frameworks and allowed me to develop a systematic and straightforward process for trading.

it's called 

RET System 

And it’s completely different from the ordinary methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it automatically displays the 7 trading structures with ease once you understand how to look for them. this is achieved, by the precise arrangement of 8 specific mathematical formulas congruently working together.         

as you’ll see, 

you will know, on your charts, exactly where the 7 are and be able to do it all without second-guessing, it will be effortless to know where price is potentially headed.   

Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to do time-consuming top-down approach or mark up your charts with numerous trendlines on multiple times frames trying to identify support or resistance all for possible trading opportunities or the need for numerous conflicting traditional indicators making it hard to see price action.    

You can use RET System to find quickly identify the 7 important areas on your charts with minimal effort because it is based on pattern recognition, anticipating reversal, getting the best possible entry and regardless of whether you are a beginner, a seasoned trader or have struggled using other methods in the past you can learn how to see these market structures with ease    

So, if you want to learn how the RET System exposes the 7 areas and why the secret structure is so effective, you'll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you. 

RET System 

(Secret Structure) 


Notice: To Limit Access For (The Secret Structure) there has Been A Huge Price Increase From When The Video Was Created.  

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A Traders Journey 

My name is Preston Hardesty

Below is my trading story


My start and 7-year journey through the forex world 

A little bit about me. 


All while working different full-time jobs 

(graveyard, swing, and day shift) positions


And the process and creation of RET System and 

The Secret Structure. 

All in pursuit to fulfill my dream to trade full-time.  

A Little About Me

Earned my GED in 2007 

Earned my Master's Certificate in 2009 From Berklee College of Music Online

How I Got Started In Forex:

October 29, 2014

October 2014. My friend and I were sitting at a breakfast diner, waiting for our food to arrive, when he proceeds to tell me he has been watching videos on YouTube about people making money trading currencies. Currencies, huh? Yes, currencies from other countries. I was like okay, I have never heard of this, really, yes, he says, is it legal, yes, my friend further explained what he had seen in the videos he watched. I was like okay, what is the name of the company he watched? He gave me the name I went and checked out their website and purchased my first Forex course: 

Study After Work:

I printed off the materials and would sit in my car after work to study because I knew if I went home, I would not study because home was a relaxed environment 

and work was a productive environment

I struggled with a lot of negative thoughts while studying

every time I would read and re-read the materials.

I would consistently hear negative thoughts which caused me to feel negative emotions of doubt and fear.

trading was a new experience for me.

 I was raised lean as my mom calls it (poor is what I call it), so trying to learn to make money and invest was not something anyone in my family did

The Negative Thoughts:


1.   Are you sure you can do this?

2.   Are people really making money from this?

3.   Are you sure you can make money from this?

4.   What if you can’t make money from this?

5.   How do you know you can make money from this?

6.   What if you lose all your money?

7.   Will these patterns actually work?

8.   Why would people use these patterns to make money?

9.   Can you actually know what the market is going to do?

10. How do you know if those patterns are the right patterns to make money?

11. This is hard to learn?

12. This will take forever to learn?

13. You have to be smart to learn how to do this.

14. You’re not one of those people on Wall Street

The Real Struggle:

Was the consistent battle of negative thoughts and emotions of doubt and fear, it was like I was wrestling with myself, trying to believe, and hope for something I didn’t even know I could have, or if I would even become a successful trader.

My Trading Transparency:

I’m going to show all my brokerage accounts, forex courses, subscriptions, and coding services I purchased over the past 7 years along with my 2 major setback stories, all while putting together 

RET System.

You will see my trial, losses and money spent.

This is not: me bragging, boasting, or trying to fake sympathize with you like the others you have probably heard, trying to relate by saying they have tried every course out there and spent thousands of dollars on them and lost a lot of money.

This is my journey of finding out the hard way, what does not work and coming to the realization that something was missing from all of these Forex Courses I purchased. 

Ultimately, this has led me to provide a trading structure that reveals repeatable reversal patterns. 

My hope this will help you avoid making the same mistakes I did and save yourself 5-7 years of frustration and struggle.


U.S. Brokerage Accounts:



Deposit: $300.00 (added more money later)

Oanda Yearly Trading Statements:

Oanda: January – December 2015:

Oanda: January – December 2016:

Oanda: January – December 2018: April 2016 May 2016 June 2016 July 2016 November 2016 December 2016 Withdraw Trades Taken: 735

Total Losses: -$4,708.00


Forex Courses & Subscription Services:

August 2015

Bank Trading Strategy:

This course taught how the banks manipulate the Forex market in 3 upward and downward phases  

September 2015

Traditional Indicator Course:

Bollinger Bands, Guppy System, Double Fibonacci, Mac-d, etc. 

November 2015 

Had my First EA Built:

February 2016

Chart Pattern Course:

Wedges, flags, and breakouts.

February 2016

Monthly Fundamental News Course and Live News Squawk:

April 2016 

Monthly Copy Trading Service:

April 2016 

Naked Price Action and Candle Reversal Pattern Course: 

This course was about pin bars, hammers, and other candle setups

June 2017 

Monthly Forex Signal Service:

November 2017

3 Month-Only Access Subscription 

Forex News Fundamental Course

December 2017

Monthly Forex Signals:

March 2018

2nd EA Developed:

June 2018 

1 Yearly Subscription: 

Live Room and Price Levels

October 2018 

Had A 3rd EA Built 

March 2019

Forex Course on how to maximize profits with scaling in and out of positions. 

Extremely detailed on exits and entries and heavy indicator-based trading system.

July 2022 

Advanced Trading Concepts 

Total Spent on All Forex Services and Courses in the Last 7 Years. -$8605.00

Coding Services for Indicators:

2018 - 2019

Updates and indicator development for RET System: 

2021 April - October 

More updates and indicator development for RET System 


Indicator development and update:

October 2022

November 2022

2019 - 2021

Indicator Licensing  and Source Code Purchase:

I spent a few thousand dollars on 2 indicators, as seen below (because I believe in them so much), and it was a must to be included in the program and be a part of the RET System.

Purchase RET System (Secret Structure) Complete Indicator Bundle  

Questioning Everything:

Each course I took left me with more question than answers.

As you have seen I jumped from price action course to chart pattern course, to traditional indicator course, I tried signal services, copy trade services, fundamental course, bank trading course All in the hopes of the next course being my ticket to riches…. Or at least I thought…   


Each course I went through always left me asking questions.

- Why daily wedge vs the H1 wedge or what about the wedge on a 5-minute time frame is that the right wedge?

- Huh? People are really going to use Fibonacci for a pull-back to enter the market, no, I don’t believe it. 

- When is the right time to get in?

- Is that a real breakout or a false break out?

- Is the 15-minute Pin Bar valid? 

- Is the 30-minute Doji more important or an hourly Doji?

- What are fundamentals? How is possible that this central bank member speaks, and all of these traders sell the currency. What is wrong with these people.

- Technical analysis is better say’s one mentor, no fundamentals are better say’s another. What? Does it matter?

- What time frame is the best to trade?

- What session is better?

- Is this trend line good enough or am I doing it wrong?

- As you can see, I questioned everything, because I did not feel what was being taught answered and solved my problems. I always felt like something was missing….


This led me on my indicator obsessive quest for the Holy Grail system, which I was told did not exist and should quit searching for it.


The Burning Thought Question:

During my obsessive search, I had 1 thought question that kept coming up 

Is it possible to Anticipate Reversals before they occur 

I believe, if I could anticipate a reversal ahead of time this would allow better entries and exits and be a huge asset to my trading problems.    

My Trading Problems:

By now, I had a ton of indicators, and knowledge about price action/patterns that repeat within the Forex Market, now my main focus was looking for indicators that matched price movement or that would reveal reliable patterns on the chart in order to find solutions to my trading problems.

1.   How can I identify and avoid trading in the choppy area of the charts

2.   The candle charts look ugly; I need something to help read the trend and charts easier

3.   How long should I stay in the trade.

4.   What set-up am I going to use to enter a trade   

5.   What patterns do I see that keep coming up

6.   What timeframe is the most reliable for entry on a short-term move

7.   How do I anticipate reversals ahead of time 


The Process:

Finding solutions to my trading problems took a daunting 2 and 1/2 years to get the knowledge out of my head, setting structure and rules to each indicator, having coders build out ideas I had, and consistently adjusting the input parameters to fine-tune the RET System.   

This led me to the 8 indicators I use today in the (RET System) that allow me to visually identify 7 critical areas listed below for the best possible trading opportunities in the Forex market.


WHY 8:

I found that these 8 indicators solved most of my trading problems and help me identify 7 key areas of price action trading

1. Pre-Reversal Set-Ups: (Anticipate when price is going to reverse before it does)

2. Precise Candle Entry: (Know the right candle to enter on based a consistent pattern)   

3. Market Avoidance Area: (Know exactly where these areas are and how to avoid trading inside them)

4. Momentum Shifts: (Know when candles are losing momentum and preparing to move in the opposite direction)

5. Exhaustion Cross Point: (Know when a price move is becoming exhausted and headed for a pullback)    

6. Level 2 Profit Bias: (Know when it’s the right time to take profits and feel good about it)

7. Trend Deciphering: (identify pullbacks, continuation, and stay in the trend longer) 

June 2018 

I Quit My Day Job of 12 years:

I had this sense I was done with my job and was going to give trading my full attention. I was not profitable at this point and I still had bills of about $2300 every month. 

I fixed up and sold my house in August 2018 for ($137,000) because the market was hot and I did not think it would last long.  (making $40,000)

Then fixed up my Moms 14x12 shed into living space because I wanted to trade full time and make it happen.  

Bought a trading computer and desk etc. and furnishings for the place  

For 8 months I struggled to get up and take trades because of  2 reasons 

1. There is a HUGE difference between being an Employee V.S. an Entrepreneur and its self-discipline 

2. My emotions and psychology got the best of me, because I had lost about 90% of my trades up to this point and would lock up in front of the computer. 

Then having some money from the home sale made it feel like early retirement.


January 2019 

Back to the 10/12 hour  5-6 day Grind 

Early 2019 dropped to $10,000 cash and had to go back to work 

(swing shift) 

because trading did not work out.

Still wanting to fulfill my dream. 

I started to save the extra money I got from overtime 

and started my journey back to trade full-time. 

between 2019 and 2020 I saved up $14K

Trades Taken On Oanda Accounts: 1990

Total Losses: -$7,789.00


If you told me 7 years ago that this is what my forex journey would look like, I wouldn't have started.

As you can see, I understand what it's like to struggle, have setbacks, all in the pursuit of accomplishing a dream.

This is not the end  

It's the beginning 

In order to build something great I need your help as you use this product you will have ideas about how to make it better, this is in line with my 

2 Core Values:

Thank You!



Preston Hardesty

What's Included 

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